Chapter One…?

Welcome to The Hemlock Bookcase!

A place to check out books that have hit my own bookshelf, soon to come, and/or even a few random bits and pieces that just add little pizzazz to my life. Who hasn’t added little bits and bobs to their own bookcase? A POP! figurine here, a snow globe there, and WALLAH! Our bookcase is a personality all its own, full of different worlds just waiting to be explored by opening up the cover. Or are you a Kindle lover? I know when I bought my first Kindle, I purchased all the little adds on to make it even more unique to me. A sticker skin with some motivational quote that I would never see due to the leather cover that would it protect it from the bottomless pit of my purse. Cause ladies, admit it, we are lucky to not lose a finger digging into the depth of that thing.

I started this as a way to share my thoughts on books I’ve read or even hype up my favorite author *which of course all depends on the mood right?*, as well as any random project or idea that may cross my mind. I can be handy and crafty when I want to be!

Hopefully you will find your next escape or book boyfriend here with me as we take another book off the shelf and travel to the worlds these authors share with us through the words and voices that flow from them.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact me!  I am always open to different views or ideas, and who can turn away from the suggestion of a new book or author?!

TTFN… Ta-Ta For Now! *10 points to whomever can tell me the reference to that!*


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