Not the End – Gianna Gabriela

So when I finished this novella, I knew that I would need to delve deeper into discussing this. Each word was so purposely written, and each one made an impact on me. A topic like this hits so close to home for me, and while my story is different from Dimah’s, the overall effect is there. The rumors that shape your life, pretending all is alright when inside you are crumbling. I wish this had been written and around for 12 year old me, or even 15 year old me. The pages of that book would have been so worn from continuous re-reads, that I’m sure by now it would need to be replaced.

I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, as I feel that it’s definitely worth the 1.5 hours it takes to read it.

After one prom night changes Dimah Emerson’s life, she becomes a shell of who she was. Losing what makes her tick, letting it and the gossip, take her value and throw it away. One bully makes it her daily mission to beat Dimah down, and the rumor-mill of high school takes it from there. Until Aron Lincoln, finds his courage to step up to Dimah and start one conversation. Then another. And another. Even after being brushed off, he continues to encourages Dimah to find her courage and fight back. To slay her dragons. When the one person who is supposed to help the students, fails to do just that, Dimah finally finds her voice. What a beautiful voice it is. Strong, courageous, and ready to fight back.

It’s a perfect reminder, that we don’t know the dragons that others are battling, and instead of feeding the fire of rumors and gossip, it’s our responsibility to stand up and bring an end to it.

I would call Gianna a friend, and knowing how much this story pulled at her to be written, I’m glad she let it flow from her. While it is small, it is mighty. You’d never guess this is her second published work, and I hope she continues to write these stories that make you stop and take a look around you, as well as at yourself.

I’ve included a link of my review. Hopefully this story moves you in much the way it has moved me.

Not the EndNot the End by Gianna Gabriela

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is for everyone who has ever been to that point in your life where you are just existing, but not really living. This is your light at the end of that tunnel, the cheerleader encouraging you to keep going.

A topic like this is a fine line to toe, to make it realistic while getting to the point, and Gianna does just that. She writes the story that you need, the one that shows you that your value belongs to you and no one else.

Beautifully written, even for such a short read, it hits you right in your chest and makes you take a look at yourself and re-evaluate.

Thank you, Gianna… just thank you.

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