Review – Chaplain Surrender for Love by Lynn Hammond

This is the perfect example of why I started this page, and I want add little bit more to my review here.

I love to review, but when I come across books like this one, I am always stuck cause sometimes the stars just don’t do it any justice. While it wasn’t a 4 star for me (before the fire and pitchforks chase me through the village, hear me out), and it wasn’t totally a 3 star either. Everyone has a prefer style they like to read, sometimes one perspective works for one reader but catches another one, that is what makes us all different. Ever watch a YouTube video of a beauty blogger? It’s like a tagline they add each time they review products. *Confession: Those are my favorite ones!*

I’m lucky enough that Lynn has allowed me to remain on her ARC review team *fingers crossed*, and I get the opportunity to help encourage her dream of writing. I understand the reason why she writes, the drive behind it, and who am I to extinguish that? I want to build her up, and I feel that if I wasn’t honest, what helps her grow as an author?

Lynn has a passion for her characters, and I can see that coming through. You love Emma and her silly little nicknames for everyone,  the love Linkin has for all of those in his “family” unit, the quite determination in Sophia, Malcolm’s undying love for Darcy, and Darcy… oh Darcy.

So while to me this may not be a 5 star read by Goodreads or Amazon standards, I can’t wait to see where these characters end up and I will continue to follow Lynn on her amazing journey as a writer.

Chaplain Surrender for Love (Book 2)Chaplain Surrender for Love by Lynn Hammond

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*I had a hard time rating this book. While I say 3, to me its almost a 4… so like a 3.95 stars!*

I really enjoy the passion and love Lynn has for all of her characters, and it shows when she writes about them. To her, these are real people in her life, and I feel like they become real people to me.

Definitely starting with a whirlwind, we see how Darcy and Malcolm handle what life has thrown at them time after time, till the very end. One thing after another, Darcy can’t seem to catch a break, but with Malcolm in her life, she is shown that no matter what love that is meant to be can’t be stopped, and Malcolm is determined to be her silver lining in all rain clouds that come her way. Be ready for tissues at the dramatic end.

This is will need to be read in order, as some of our favorite characters from Chaplain: Sacrifice for Love return to follow Darcy and Malcolm on their rollercoaster ride.

I will say that there were some places that I hoped for a little more… well more, and I know Lynn has the determination and passion to get there. I will continue to champion her on towards great things.

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