Review – Perfectly Lonely by Jessica Marin

Now I was lucky enough to get Jessica’s first book, Heartbreak Warfare, through an ARC group of another author, and I’ve been chomping at the bit for the rest of what she has to offer since. Literally stalking all of her social media accounts for even a whisper of when this next one would be out.

Even though I LOVED Cal, a little bit of the dialogue in HW was lagging, but I wasn’t deterred in finishing it out. This time in Perfectly Lonely, I could literally FEEL the emotions between the characters. When they would push and pull each other, I could feel it in my chest, drawn to Layla’s heartache then sympathetic to Chase’s determination, wanting to scream at both of them to open their eyes but then what’s the point of reading it if it’s all sunshine and daisies?

Getting the returning characters to play a part in this love story, helping them along even if the advice made me want to cry, was perfect. I got to get more of Avery… OH. MY. GOD. Little Miss Avery. When you get to that part where you laugh your ass off so hard you almost pee your pants, you’ll understand my love of that child! Also, I was holding my breath to have Sean make his come back, and when he does, I am once again a sighing mess… Well for him, along with with Rhys and Torrin… Jessica continues to create characters that you just can’t help but fall for.

By the end of Perfectly Lonely, you are already thinking of when you will get your hands on the next one! If you haven’t had the chance to read either one, be sure you do as I can assure you that BOTH are worth the time!

Jessica – I’m ready when you are for the next one! ; )

Perfectly Lonely (Let Me In, Book 2)Perfectly Lonely by Jessica Marin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After Heartbreak Warfare, I was MORE than ready for Chase and Layla’s emotional whirlwind of a story. And while I still love Cal (❤️), Chase… MMMMmmmMMM!

Once again I am blown away with the writing, and have to remind myself that this is Jessica’s second… as in TWO… book and I love how she writes. You really want to immerse yourself into the world and be lifelong friends with the characters… Richard LOL! But I digress, back to Perfectly Lonely…

Living in his self imposed purgatory, Chase still takes the show Layla that he is worthy of her forgiveness and her love, amongst the “walls” of life closing in on him. And Layla… LAYLA! *Did the Eric Clapton’s song come to mind for anyone else?* There were times when I wanted to just shake her and help her open her eyes to what was going on around her… that girls stubbornness… UGH! But by the end I was so happy for her to find herself again after so much loss.

I want to know the HEAs for ALL of these characters *Hint Torrin Hint* and can’t wait for what comes next!

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