Theme of the Month: October – Cards of Love series

While trying to find was to stay connected to my blog, I started racking my brain for things I could do to engage readers/followers as well as help me work through my ever growing TBR shelf (TBR=To Be Read), and what a perfect way to start off with an exciting series that is being putting out by an amazing collective of authors, Cards of Love series.

*Can we talk about how freaking beautiful these covers are?!*

Thirty-three talented writers essentially drew a card from the deck and each writing a story set around the basis of the card. Some are from series’ already a part of the writers universe and some are standalone stories. While some of these authors are new to me, some are already my absolute favorites. Now, I love to read as much as the rest of y’all, but I’m gonna try any be realistic with myself and not force myself to read them all this month (no matter how badly I want to, I do need to sleep and eat at some point in the day… much to my chagrin).

I will be doing my best to keep all the updates running on my facebook page: so be sure to like the page to not miss out on any of the fun! So far I’ve got some tempting teasers, one hot trailer, and a giveaway closing soon for a $10 gift card.

Check back in as I start to get my greedy hands on these reads!

Which Card Will You Choose?

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