Review – The Emperor by Fawn Bailey

Cards of Love: The EmperorCards of Love: The Emperor by Fawn Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While I’ve not read the Guilded Cage series, after reading The Emperor, I know I need to catch up on what Fawn is putting out there. I was drawn through the story, truly living up to the theme of the Cards of Love, and with Fawn’s dark touch added to it, I enjoyed the ride I was going on.

Ryker “The Emperor”, is on the search not just for a cursed jewel but also the one that got away, trying to prove to himself that curses don’t exist unless you give them the power too; but without Ginger at his side, he is having trouble standing firm in that belief. Ginger is running from her past, from herself, from her shame, and with someone from her past drawing her out from hiding, working towards a revenge that could cost both Ryker and Ginger everything. In true Fawn/Isabella fashion, you can count on intense need between Ryker and Ginger, with a touch of Daddy love. If this is your kink, be sure you add this to your list.

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