Review – Nine of Swords by Bella Love-Wins

Cards of Love: Nine of SwordsCards of Love: Nine of Swords by Bella Love-Wins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If this is how Bella Love-Wins writes dominate male characters, you can count me in for any future reads from her! Another new to me author from the Cards of Love series, and phew! I will be on the hunt for the rest of this story, cause I NEED to know how this all ends up!

Blade is a dominating man in all he does in life, from sex to his job. Hired to protect Sydney, he can’t fight the pull to this confident and self-sufficient woman, and even when pull from her main protection, he still finds a way to be her whole world. Even though it is a quick read, this novella just gave me all the yumminess, and with the added suspense, I couldn’t put it down! Don’t miss this!

*PS: I definitely need Aiden and Elise’s story, Bella!

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