November Sweet Treat

Soooo… I know I am a few days late in getting this out but better late than never right?! When I think of November I think of all the fall treats that come with the season… In my family we go through Green Jello Salad like it’s going out of style… Which is what inspired me for November’s theme. Now there are still some Cards of Love books that you bet I’ll be ALLLLL over, but we are going to put that second to this months “treats”. Drum roll please…. ALEXA RILEY and their new podcast READ ME ROMANCE!

Now I’m new to podcasts but this is the perfect way to pop my cherry… so to speak. 😉 *If you’ve ever read an Alexa Riley, you know what I am talking about* Anywhos… let’s get back to books and podcasts! These are stories that will first be released on the podcast, but don’t worry they will end up in ebook/paperback at a later date, however who wants to wait that long! Uh not me, considering I’m dying for Reaper’s story… God the puns just keep on coming!

Okay, I’ve got to stop before I can’t control myself! Now, be sure you are following both my Facebook page along with the IG page, to get all the fun teasers and giveaways that will come with the new month! As well as things that I am grateful for cause well it’s #thankfulthankgiving, so don’t miss out!

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