Review – Fairytale Shifters by Alexa Riley

So I know I am WAY late with getting my reviews and blog posts up this month… *sad face* but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading to my hearts content these tasty little treats. As I stated in my last post I picked up the Fairytale Shifters series next and boy let me tell you… PHEW! I was not disappointed! True to Alexa Riley style, I got my yummy insta-love, hot sex, and dominating men! *SWOON* Plus it itched my fairytale itch… Yes, even though I don’t really do “happily ever after” always, I do love to read them, cause who doesn’t dream of such things! So be sure to check out my review below.

Anyways…on to the next fun series… their Virgin Blood series, plus did y’all get to enjoy their Thanksgiving Day treat, Hungry for You? I did, and lets say it was a fun read to enjoy while waiting on everything to cook! I’ll be getting that review up tonight as well! Fairytale Shifters (Fairytale Shifter #1-4)Fairytale Shifters by Alexa Riley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alexa Riley’s Fairytale Shifters series is LITERALLY the best of both worlds! We get the fun touch of the fairytales we love with a twist of paranormal, and I. COULD. NOT. GET. ENOUGH! And not just the Disney fairytales, but the classics… Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, and a twist on the Big Bad Wolf.

With each story, you can’t help but get caught up with the need of each coupling. The instant need, overwhelming heat, and of course lots of hot sex! These fun-sized reads, hit the spot when in need for a more “adult” version of a fairytale! I’ve been hooked on these reads all month, and I can’t get enough!

There are plenty more tales out there to be done… *hint hint*! Anyways… if you’ve got some alone time, emphasis on the alone part, be sure you check these out.

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