Review – Fighting For You by Gianna Gabriela

Fighting For You (Bragan University Series, #2)Fighting For You by Gianna Gabriela
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

God, where do I even start with how this book made me feel? Hopeful. Blessed. Heartbroken, then gently put back together. This last month I’ve been eyeballs deep in insta-love, that coming back to something where it has to be fought for reminds me of how much I love the drawn out process of finally realizing it.

Jesse and Zoe… again… WHERE TO START?! Both fighters, however instead of fighting for what they want, they are fighting for others… till it all changes. As they work, or more like grow, towards an end, they realize that they need to be fighting for each other and themselves. Fight to live, fight to love, fight to realize that they deserve each other. Even with all the trials and tribulations, the peace they find along the way makes me beyond happy.

Each time I read a Gianna Gabriela book, I’m still blown away with how well she tells a story. Book #3, y’all… like she has three books to her name. *mind blown* Each story, each character, each relevant topic talked about, you can feel how deeply she is invested and cares, another reason why I can’t get enough.

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