New Years Resolutions

HELLO 2019!

While this isn’t my first post of the year, this is my first Side of Life post of the year, and I’d say it’s perfect timing. With the new year comes New Year Resolutions. Now I don’t put unreasonable standards on myself when it comes to NYRs, I make a list of things I want to accomplish and they aren’t always fitness related. In fact, usually mine are new things to try like:

  • Learn to swing and line dance
  • Spend more time writing
  • Create better/healthier habits – spending/self care.
  • Step outside my comfort zone

I do, however, I want to make this year about realizing my goals. So keeping that my motivation for the year, I signed up for something new… #Missmusclebox! Like everything now and days, you can get a monthly subscription box from Muscle Box, which will contain various fitness related items like shirts, treats, and workout routines for around $26.00 a month. My first box was worth WELL over that dollar amount, I got an awesome shaker bottle, headband, tank top, two power bars, protein cookies, and an AMAZING butt challenge workout.

Not gonna lie, this was definitely not what I was expecting at all. I figured I’d get small trial sized products, but NO these are full sized products! I do my best to eat gluten free, not by choice, so I wasn’t able to enjoy the cookies, but the power bars were GF and ABSOLUTELY delicious. I am looking forward to getting these in the mail, to be my monthly reminder that I am worth placing first. That making the goals I continue to visualize in my mind, a reality. This year is going to be one of change, and I am going to make the most out of all of them. Recently, at my day job, all employee’s were gifted a copy of a book called “Who Moved My Cheese?”, and while it sounds kind of, pardon my pun, cheesy, it was actually an eye opening read. It’s a story about four characters, and how well each of them handle change. If you are someone who will be having some major changes coming this year, I would definitely recommend it. While it’s a quick read, it has a big message, and I am hoping to take it to heart and apply it to my life.

I look forward to check in with my next box in February. So be sure to check back in to see what goodies I get then!

See you next month! ❤

One Reply to “New Years Resolutions”

  1. If you are looking for a gluten free treat, I discovered these yummy cupcakes from Smart Baking Company. They are gluten free, starch free and sugar free (sweetened with monk fruit). They are quite tasty! They also have hamburger buns, but I haven’t tried them yet.


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