Review – Crush on You by Amelia Wilde

Crush on YouCrush on You by Amelia Wilde

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Other than the fact that the cover makes me want to swoon, the inside draws me in just as much.

Now I admit, I had a slight headache when I started this, so it took me a smidge too long to keep Jenny’s two names straight, but even still, I really identified with her. Wanting to be someone new. Studying, working hard, learning new things that come natural to others. Those who were the outsiders, uncomfortable in their own skin can truly relate to her on so many levels. So when Roman finally returns those feelings from years ago, all she can think about is “IS THIS REAL?” Now whoa… can we talk about Roman Bliss a moment… even though he can be Captain Oblivious, he is GENUINE! You can’t help but want to smack him to get it through his dense skull, but when he is determined he will plow on through to get it.

One camera, add in a slight bit of deceit, and a WHOLE lot of deliciously fun moments, and you’ve got yourself the perfect read. Can’t wait to see what else goes down with the rest of the Bliss Brothers!

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