Review – Savior by Fiona Cole

SaviorSavior by Fiona Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOLY SH*T… F*CK… I tried talking about this read earlier while keeping my tone on a level that humans could hear but failed miserably… it was more an octive that would have the neighborhood dogs howling.

I don’t even know how to start other than, Erik is the biggest arsehole… AND I COULDN’T GET ENOUGH! He starts off all alpha, and dominating and kind… then BAM! Hello jerkface… His push and pull with Alexandra, “Come close… NO go away” had me wanting to bring him down a peg or two, but in the most deliciously dirty ways… cause eff I can’t get enough of the concoction that is Erik. When it finally comes, you’ll be a puddle of hot wetness and a pair of panties floating in it… Just saying. Now Alexandra, I loved her innocence plus caring heart, mixed with the fire to stand up to Erik. Many a time, I was cheering her on with Pom-poms, hoping she would pour his coffee on his head… but alas she is a bigger person than me. Between the ever growing heat between the two, and the suspense hover just out of sight, I blazed through this read… not wanting to stop even to eat or care for any basic necessities. By the end, I met new characters that I wanted to know more about, and was ready to start it all over again.

I loved the girl-crush connection to the Voyeur world, with snippets of my favorite characters, from Carina to Dr. Pierce… OH. EM. GEE! That epilogue… THAT EFFING EPILOGUE… My jaw was resting on my chest when I finished… I literally could only stare at the acknowledgments and try and magically make the rest of it show on my kindle.

Another INCREDIBLE addition to the world of Voyeur. If you’ve never picked up a Fiona Cole read before, what are you waiting on?! You NEEEED this in your life. Now pardon me while I go rock in a corner and try to decide what to do next with my life.

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