Review – Stuck on You by Amelia Wilde

Stuck on YouStuck on You by Amelia Wilde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After meeting Beau in Crush on You, I knew he’d be one of my faves. Hard part, is that I always say that about the hunky, alpha men that Amelia writes.

This was a sassy, fun enemies to lovers book that I COULDN’T GET ENOUGH OF! When the mask that he puts on becomes a natural thing, Beau starts to chafe at the confines of it, and when one event ends disastrously, it’s taken at “face value” and the reins are taken from his hands. Enter Claire, forced to endure an unrealistic standard of perfection, but determined to put those standards to use. When two drastic temperatures collide, a perfect storm occurs and that is Stuck on You. The chemistry between Beau and Claire becomes the storm they always seem to be engulfed in, and you will beg to be caught up in it.

And since I’m a collector of pretty covers… LOOK AT THAT COVER! It’s stunning, and I just want to sit here and stare at it all day…

All around, this read will be stuck with me for a good long while, and hopefully till we get Driver in Hooked on You!

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