Review – Hooked on You by Amelia Wilde

Hooked On You (Bliss Brothers Book 3)Hooked On You by Amelia Wilde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I DIDN’T WANT TO PUT IT DOWN!!!! The only reason I walked away from this read is cause I was forced to get some sleep… DAMN SLEEEP! Amelia know’s how to hook me and draw me in, and definitely did with this one.

Aptly named, Driver’s heart is always on the road to new places and when he comes home in between stops, a midnight walk on the beach will bring his something to rival that wanderlust. Holiday is determined to get her life back, and definitely stubborn when it comes to the things she wants… or is it more what she thinks she wants. This clandestine meeting creates something beyond both of them, each will have to learn to compromise.

After the first few chapters, I was in love with Driver! How can you not be? Always willing to do what is necessary for your family… talk about tugging on your heartstrings. He was just the right kind of perfect to reel in Holiday. Won’t lie, I legit was ready to throttle my girl, however… in true Amelia style she put my heart back together in a swoon-worthy ending.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Bliss Brothers… DON’T MISS OUT ON DRIVER! This has become my new favorite hang out… I imagine myself there at the pool with a cold drink, soaking up the rays, and watching the excitement go on around me. Pull up a lounger, grab a drink from the bar and come join me by the blue water. You won’t be sorry!

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