Review – Boys That Tease by Betti Rosewood

Boys That Tease (Lords of Wildwood, #1)Boys That Tease by Betti Rosewood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When boys are told that good girls like bad boys, you get Crispin Dalton. Deliciously alpha, dirty, and mean in a way that you can’t help but want to be his. Even still, there is a good boy deep inside that is trying to navigate his extravagant world, and when Tinsley Sullivan walks into his life again, he will do anything to get her… even become bully extraordinaire.

Tinsley Sullivan is learning who she is again, demure while uniquely herself, and a strength beyond compare. She shows you that no matter your walk of life, it’s what is inside that counts and is that friend who is always willing to be there for you, even if she gets hurt in the end. Learning what it to truly be in high school, with a generous helping of bullying.

As the rollercoaster ride of emotions between these two sends you to passionate high and heartbreaking lows, you will want the bully to get his, and not in the way you think you would.

Betti’s debut novel is everything I hoped it would be.

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