Review – Kiss the Bride by Amelia Wilde – A Wedding Season Series

Kiss the BrideKiss the Bride by Amelia Wilde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off can we talk about how beautiful that cover is?! Like I hope that I look that beautiful on my wedding day. 😍😍 Like I almost need just a blown up image of that cover to put on my wall. Now onto the real goods of this review, the meat… The read itself.

Even though it is truly a definition of a quicky there is SOO much packed between the pages, but one thing stays true through the whole thing, love. Desire. Intense Passion. Like where do I find me a man like Ash, if y’all know shoot me a message cause lawd almighty. Military, dominating, sexy as sin while being the perfect gentleman. The line starts behind me. I licked him, called dibs, he’s mine. Well technically he’s Sophie’s, but who’s paying attention. And Sophie, gosh, I want to be her friend. Fun, sweet, kind, and can we say STUNNING?! Refer back to the cover, cause that’s how I see her.

Your jaw will be on the floor and your thighs clenched tight, up till the end but it will leave your heart full. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. Plus an even bigger bonus for me, it brings the best of both worlds together. My Bliss Brothers and my Wounded Heart series. *swoon* Don’t miss this read!

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