Review – Love on You by Amelia Wilde – Bliss Brother Series

Love on You (Bliss Brothers Book 5)Love on You by Amelia Wilde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With each new Bliss brother that comes along I ask the bartender for a new drink, rearrange myself on my pool lounger and look at a new part of the resort, eagerly awaiting for a new story to unravel in front of me. This time, my eyes are drawn to the lake where Katie and Huck are struggling to find a footing within all aspects of their relationship.

Huck is the fun-loving friend who goes where the waves and his kayak paddle take him. Which is into the arms of Katie. His best friend, turned… more. She is determined to stick to her plan, but her heart is wanting more. She’s sweet, fun, and always up for a good time as long as it involves Huck. The two of them are like a boat on a choppy lake, the waves picking it up before dropping it back down the other side. Their connection tugged on my heartstrings and by the end I felt full and complete. Best friends to lovers always manage to set my heart racing, praying that I don’t lose characters that I’ve become so invested in and in true Amelia fashion, she eases my anxiety.

Don’t miss out on this new exciting tale from Bliss Resort, or miss out on a jaw dropping announcement from the illustrious vanishing brother, Asher.

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