Review – Seducing Mrs. Robinson by Rachel Van Dyken

GUYS! So I had the privilege of reading the rest of The Bro Code series, which is a spin-off of the beloved Wingman Inc. series by the incredible, Rachel Van Dyken. Now I confess, I’ve not read those two, nor did I read Co-Ed (y’all… there are only so many hours in a day!) but I didn’t need to understand these hilarious reads.

To start us off we’ve got Leo and Kora in Seducing Mrs. Robinson. The Simon and Garfunkel song starting to play in your head yet? It did in mine, I had to go listen to it a time or two to make it go away! LOL! A student/teacher, with a slight age gap, cause duh hello Mrs. Robinson here, that will bring you some reality while keeping you in stitches. So grab a comfy blanket, a warm beverage, and Seducing Mrs. Robinson, and ENJOY!

Seducing Mrs. Robinson (A Bro Code Standalone)Seducing Mrs. Robinson by Rachel Van Dyken

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Y’all aren’t ready for the amazingness that is Leo and Kora. Guys, not only was this read absolutely hilarious, but there were definite deep moments that had tugged on the ol’ heartstrings. Did I already mention that it was freaking amazing?! Rachel knows how to draw you right into a world and drag you along for the ride.

Leonardo Blackwood. Leo… Oh my gawd! Not only is he incredibly sexy and charming, he’s got brains and a heart of gold. Once you are under his spell, you’ll never be the same. This knight in shining armor has some wear and tear, but that doesn’t keep him from helping those that come to him for help to see their true value. *swoon* When he sets his eyes on something, you better believe he won’t stop till it is his… well more like till SHE is his.

Kora Robinson. The teacher. The one who has been the center of Leo’s fantasies since high school, is finally trying to break free from the chains of a controlling ex-husband. When one charming Leo shows up in her classroom again, she can’t deny that she wants to be the woman he see her as. So why not take advantage of Wingmen Inc. to get there?

The reality of this story truly tugged on those heartstrings, but the banter between the other guys in Wingmen Inc. and Kora, I just couldn’t get enough. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes, and won’t own up to what may have been a snort or two. Plus during those moments of really drawing Kora out into the world, I myself felt my being drawn along with her.

I loved this read, and I know that if you are looking for a good laugh and fun banter, you need this in your life. I’ll be pulling this off the shelf to reread again soon.

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