Review – The Setup by Rachel Van Dyken

Last but certain not least, Finn’s tale. When he is the last of the “Pleasure Ponies” to find love, how he doesn’t see this coming a mile away is beyond me. Add in one OCD assistant, the A-FREAKIN-DORABLE Jill, and got I’ve never laughed over bad dates so badly in my life. It’s kind of like an office romance style trope, can Finn use his Reiki mojo to sway Jill to give up the rules?! A crazy Aunt Nadine, ill-placed silences for shouted confessions, and torturous Spanx… GUYS this book has it ALL! I loved this series, and I’ll be recommending these to EV-ERY-ONE I know. So shimmy out of those awful contraptions, pour a glass of wine, and watch the Wingmen pull one last stunt over on their friend. 

The Setup (A Bro Code Standalone)The Setup by Rachel Van Dyken

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Last but certainly not least Finn and Jill. Everything about this one was DA BOMB! Between an obsession over counting carrots (whaaa), a secret exposed, a bunch of BAD dates, and one Princess, I was literally in stitches.

Finn is the really the one that will make all the hairs stand on end on your body without laying a finger on you, and you will definitely be begging for more. Plus, I’ll eat a whole box of Lucky Charms if I can get that experience, just sayin. 😉 Now add in Aunt Nadine… definitely should always expect the unexpected and that ALL your secrets will be out for everyone’s enjoyment. LOL

Now Jill, oh Jill. Poor girl has been put in the hot seat… literally. The keeper of all the guys at Wingman Inc, can you imagine the things you will be expected to do… or see… or hear… And the girl does it all with a smile! Even with her insecurities, I loved how real she was. You can see yourself in her. So when Finn comes in and shakes up her perfect world, I love how he really brings her out of her Spanx!

Having the whole gang together in this one was like a perfect way to end out the Bro Code series. Y’all, ALL the guys are back, so of course you need to have it! Don’t wait, rush, hurry, fly… go One-Click this baby!

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