Review – Summer Queen by Amelia Wilde

91540831_1764080053731393_4779739709238673408_oSummer QueenSummer Queen by Amelia Wilde

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After the ending of King of Shadows, I was left to literally count the days down to Summer Queen. I couldn’t stop thinking of this story, it’s characters, and everything in between. It really digs into you and won’t let go, but in all reality do you want to let it go? No!

The retelling of this Greek Mythology is done in such a sophisticated way. Truly an already dark tale, but done in such a way you can almost see, if not feel, the sharp lines and moods of Hades, and then feel the breeze and light of Persephone. They are such opposites, but each also have a side that crave what the other is.

I love the male POV/aspects of books, feeling like I can dig a little deeper into what they are feeling, so when I got to get MORE about Hades I was in Heaven. To know more about what makes him tick, what has molded him into the dark god he is, and what he truly desires just feed into my addiction to this character. Then watching Persephone grow into herself, into her inner strength and power, throwing off the chains her mother has strapped her in, was empowering. Even when her world was coming down around her ears, she draws herself up and becomes the Queen she is. Loved every moment of it!

Getting a wider view of the world they live in just adds to the intense drama, and I am already counting down the days till Midnight Kingdom is in my hot hands. Summer Queen is sexy, intense, and true PERFECTION!

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