Review – Sweet Destiny by KC Lynn

When I catch up a little more on my TBR (HA! Funny joke right?) I plan on doing a COMPLETE re-read of all things KC Lynn. Talk about my favorite books, characters, and why she holds a special place in my heart. That post will also have all the links to my reviews of her books, including this one, but since I couldn’t wait to share this book with everyone, I am posting it now! No matter the time between publications, she always blows me away! Don’t miss out!

Sweet Destiny (The Sweet #2.5)Sweet Destiny by K.C. Lynn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am sure I am a broken record when it comes to writing reviews on KC Lynn books, but it’s true, I am never sure if the words I say convey how I truly feel about her books! Even after this small break away from publishing, she hasn’t lost her touch, and I was instantly reminded why I LOVE everything she’s ever written.

If you’ve read Sweet Haven (which you definitely should before laying a finger on this one), you know the time has come to bring two rivaling families together with the marriage of Sam and Jase. Ever wondered what it would be like to watch a train wreck? My guess is that it would be a little like the drama that takes place between Jase and Sawyer, along with their fathers, when they are all under one roof. (I swear I mean it in the most loving of ways LOL) Sam hopes to bring everyone together to put the past to rest, but as the comments fly, so do the fists. Not only is she hoping to do this for her and Jase’s future, but also that of a couple who’s forever was cut short.

I am reminded how much I love the fire and orneriness of Jase when it comes to Sam. He is completely devoted to his “peach” and nothing, not even our “Sexy Sawyer” is going to get in the way. Add in Sam. Our sweet, sassy, and lovin’ Sam, you get a combination that will have you swooning with… desire? Happiness? Everything in between? All of it. It’s just… YUM!

KC brings you back to a place and space that makes you just feel at home! As if you could just pull up a seat to have a piece of Grace’s pie, or talk clothes with Jesse… SPEAKING of Jesse… can you say GETS OWN BOOK?! I love the fact that I don’t have to move on from this world just yet!

So if you get the privilege of reading this book, know that you will get all the drama, love, desire, and fun that your heart can handle in this novella. KC never disappoints, and has proven so here. ❤

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