LIFT 4 Autism Action is OPEN!

The LIFT 4 Autism Auction is open for bidding! Get your bid on here! "My oldest was diagnosed with autism in 2009 just days before my husband left for Afghanistan. He was gone for eight months while I navigated the autism world alone with a two-year-old and a baby. I turned to romance books... Continue Reading →

November Sweet Treat

Soooo... I know I am a few days late in getting this out but better late than never right?! When I think of November I think of all the fall treats that come with the season... In my family we go through Green Jello Salad like it's going out of style... Which is what inspired... Continue Reading →

Not the End – Gianna Gabriela

So when I finished this novella, I knew that I would need to delve deeper into discussing this. Each word was so purposely written, and each one made an impact on me. A topic like this hits so close to home for me, and while my story is different from Dimah's, the overall effect is... Continue Reading →

Chapter One…?

Welcome to The Hemlock Bookcase! A place to check out books that have hit my own bookshelf, soon to come, and/or even a few random bits and pieces that just add little pizzazz to my life. Who hasn't added little bits and bobs to their own bookcase? A POP! figurine here, a snow globe there,... Continue Reading →

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